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March 8, 2016

It’s Tax Season – 10 Things to Bring to Our Office for Your Taxes

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To guarantee a successful trip to our office, here at Mobility Financial Services Inc., you will need to do some preparation by getting your information and paperwork together.

While we will sort out your shoebox filing system if you want us to, we do charge based on the amount of work we have to do on your return. Here are a few hints to help make getting your taxes done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible:

  1. Have it All Together
    Make sure your paperwork is put together before you drop off your files. If you know something is missing, include notes and then get those items to us as soon as possible. This will allow our team to get a head start while you finish compiling what you need.
  2. Be Organized
    The less time we have to spend wading through piles of paperwork, the better it will be for both of us. By having fewer questions for you, we can spend less time on the small stuff resulting in a lower cost and greater efficiency when getting your returns completed!
  3. Personal Information
    One of the first things you will need to supply is personal information for both you and your immediate family members (ex: full names, date of birth, SIN numbers, etc.). This will help us make the claim for all of the credits and deductions you are entitled to.
  4. Last Year’s Tax Info
    Bring in last year’s Notice of Assessment and/or tax return, including a detailed listing of any installment payments you have made towards the next years taxes and any carry forwards of tax credits. If you have not done your taxes in a while, try to find the last year you did file and bring us the relevant documentation. It’s OK. We will get everything sorted out and up to date for you – it’s what we do!
  5. Income Verification
    Bring our team all of your T4s, T4As, T5s, RRSP contribution slips and any other income summaries (Ex: T4E from Employment Insurance). Your T-slips are the only way of calculating wages and deductions allowed by the CRA for an employee. If you are missing income slips, and don’t know how to get them, we can help you with that. With your permission, we can track down the information directly from Revenue Canada. Remember that this service will add to the cost of your return so it may be worth your time to makes the calls yourself.
  6. Foreign Pensions
    If you collect a monthly pension amount from any country outside of Canada, you need to provide us with detailed information about your claim, including amounts received and any foreign taxes paid.
  7. Charitable Donations
    If you make charitable donations you must provide the official charitable receipts issued to you; cheque stubs and pledge slips do not qualify. If you find you are missing these receipts, give the charity a call and they should be happy to provide a replacement for you!
  8. Investments or Trust Income
    If you have any kind of investment related income, you must provide purchase or sales information for all stocks sold in the applicable tax year.
  9. Additional Credits
    Bring all relevant back up documentation for any additional provincial or federal credits you may want to claim. Under specific circumstance, Bus passes, daycare receipts and children’s fitness amounts are all claimable but require receipts to back them up. Check here (this is probably the Links page) to get all the forms you may need.
  10. Don’t wait until the last minute
    Once you have all your files compiled, bring them in and we will get started on them for you!

By providing us with the paperwork listed above, right from the start, you will make it easier for our team to calculate your tax return in a more efficient way, saving you time/money and enabling us to get you all of the deductions you deserve.

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